An Introduction of Adam Sparks

Hello, I’m Adam Sparks.  I was born in November 9th 1988.  I was raised up in a traditional socially and politically conservative family, as the only child.  I moved a lot as a child living in Southwest Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, and then Texas A&M University – Commerce in Northeast Texas.   I saw racism in Ohio as well as Oklahoma and Texas.  Witnessing minor smirks and glances to verbal judgment, I saw racism through the eyes of a white child.  My mother and father taught me the values of equality, and that judging someone is immoral and sinful, no matter what their background or race was.

Though it wasn’t until I went to high school in Hugo Oklahoma that I was able to see the benefits of a fully integrated institution.  Having gone to mostly white schools my entire life, Hugo offered an experience of living in a 50/50 mixed school.  With the desegregated social inner workings of the school, I was able to socialize with people who did not share my white background.  From their on, I fully knew that there was no difference between a white man and a black man.  I knew that society told us we were different, and that it was society that caused a divide.

Even in 2012, racism and prejudice has taken a meaning in American society.  I have witnessed racism against Hispanics, Blacks, and Whites.  Equality based upon race is not just an institutional issue; however, it is a societal issue.  The categorizing of someone based on their skin, no matter what their skin color, is racism and divides into a heterogeneous American identity.  Yet it’s roots come from an even darker moment in our Nation’s history.  It is through this project that I hope we can explore a localized moment in American history, and portray how the foolishness of one sector of the population ruthlessly hindered another.