Race in the Archives

Jeremy Floyd and Robyn Hollis

In preparation for our next video, A Clear Channel, Kelly and I spent over two hours scanning artifacts in the archives. As part of the process, we went through President D. Whitney Halliday’s papers searching for the demands that AASET presented to the administration. During this process we found correspondence relating to the civil unrest on the ETSU campus comparing its response to that of Northwestern University and Columbia University. Also found were photographs in the East Texan and the East Texan Special that showed the successful programs that AASET generated, including a breakfast program for children of the Norris Community. These papers also documented the campus’s reaction to desegregation and the administration’s moves to satisfy the needs of all students.

We were assisted by our wonderful and amazing librarians Jeremy Floyd, Assistant Archivist, and Robyn Hollis, Cataloguing Assistant. Andrea Weddle, Director of the Special Collections, has been extremely supportive of our project and has granted us access to the archives on a regular basis. Adam Northam, Digital Librarian, has been a central player in this project as he has assisted us through digitizing our Oral Histories and supported us in developing our goal of offsite consumption. Holly Naramore, Special Collections Assistant, has also supported our team by helping us find relevant materials. We are forever indebted to this group of librarians for all of their help, and truly could not accomplish any part of this project without them.