Storyboards galore

As the Storyboard person, I develop, maintain, and keep track of the storyboards we use to develop our videos and our Popcorn. This can sometimes mean making three or four edits in a single day, and hunting down changes to reconcile what’s actually in the video with what’s actually in the board.

Today, to help out a team member, it meant developing an individualized storyboard. Sunchai is responsible for managing the Bibliography/Works Cited for the videos and for the annotations. But, I noticed on our first video, that tracking down sources can be a little time consuming. So he now has his own storyboard that will help him keep track of everything that’s in the video, so he can immediately question team members if something is missing. This should ease the editing process greatly.

Storyboards also help us analyze and contextualize the message. Through the boards, we are able to see whether the video is telling the story we actually want to tell, and to make changes to communicate with each other.

As the developer of the storyboards, their format makes perfect sense for my divide-and-conquer mind. But I recognize that they can be a little intimidating to the uninitiated. I’m always ready to help explain the boards, and help out team members in crafting special boards for them, but the really awesome thing is that the board works perfectly for our techies, who have their own column for timestamps, and can work through whatever issues they have.

Kelly Dent