Collaborating in the Digital Humanities

Remixing Rural Texas is a true collaboration. I am fortunate enough to be working with a group of brilliant and hardworking scholars like Shannon Carter, Kelly Dent, Adam Sparks and Sunchai Hamcumpai. We spent today in the CLiC office going over every inch of the first half of the storyboard for A Clear Channel. This included citing numerous sources, links to artifacts, research on the spot and editing.

As Adam edited the video, Kelly researched, helped us find artifacts on the wiki and kept us organized. I worked on the storyboard to ensure that every single piece of audio, imagery and video was accessible and clear on the board while making sure that all was in order. Sunchai worked from Denton on specific imagery that needed retouching and detailing for the highest resolution possible as well as generating citations for the bibliography.

It would not be possible to generate such a powerful documentary without everyone working together in such a positive manner. We continue to push forward to meet our deadlines with a spirit of true collaboration, hard work and talent.

While our fearless leader (Dr. Carter) meets with scholars in Santa Fe this week, we will continue working on this piece for the rest of the week.

Jennifer Jones