Writing, Blogging, and Website Editing?

All in a day’s work.

So we’re using Dreamweaver to bring our prototype to life, and it’s a bit tricky for the non-techies that we are. Luckily, we have the assistance of David Moseley and the Faculty Center for Teaching with Technology to help out. Mindful of our own personal ignorance, Shannon had the idea that we would write a Process Paper of sorts to assist the uninitiated. 

Well, for me, the Process Paper was something new. I did a little research about them, and they all seemed to tell about how you go about conducting your research–nice but not really what I need. Even so, I started writing one, and got a wonderful paragraph from David about Dreamweaver (since even after using it for two weeks, it’s still largely beyond me), and his help in getting the steps right.

I’ve attached a few pics to show what I mean, but more information about the process and its accompanying paper will be coming in another post soon.