I can see clearly now

In the Special Collections

On August 9th, we invited a group of alumni, current students, and our team members to view our latest remix, A Clear ChannelPart I of the remix opened to rave reviews from all who have seen it so far. The remix includes John Carlos and his protest at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics and Joe Tave and the work of his creation, the Afro-American Student Society of East Texas (ASSET).

Joe Tave, Shirley Daniels, and Belford Page

Attendees examine some of Joe Tave’s personal artifacts

We were fortunate to have Joe Tave join us, along with Floyd and Shirley Daniels, Gwen Lawe, Belford Page, and Glenda McKissic Baylor. After showing the remix, which they all raved about, we headed to lunch, and then to the Special Collections, where they were able to see some of the artifacts we used in both our research and in the compilation of the film. Even more exciting: They took the opportunity to fill in many important gaps, with a series of conversations about their experiences and memories that brought the archives alive in ways everyone involved could only describe as “magic.”