Lessig would be (should be) Proud

Remixing Rural Texas is a multi-dimensional project that incorporates remix with deep research in the archives, oral history and the collection of artifacts, as well as rich technological aspects that includes the use of new software from Mozilla, Popcorn. Using Dreamweaver to code the data into Popcorn, we are essentially incorporating a scholarly document into our remix and ultimately raising the bar on future academic remix projects.  (I think Lessig would be proud.)

However, this ambitious project comes with a cost. What we have discovered as we code all of the data, is that each minute element has to be exactly right before we input. That makes sense, right? And yet, it’s really no different than any creative endeavor, academic paper or writing project because, in the end, there are always edits that can be made. Just as with any creative work, the question becomes, When is it complete?

At some point, you have to accept that the project is coming to a close  and that it is complete. We are tying up our loose ends, putting each little piece in its place and getting ready for the day when we release it to the world. Once it is complete, this will be a powerful educational tool for our students to learn more about our nation’s history and to begin a further exploration into the continuing process of the fight for civil rights that continues today.

Jennifer Jones