under construction

Disclaimer: We will continue to edit the remixes and the associated data-source annotations until we submit the White Paper to NEH in March 2013. Until that point, we will be editing the annotations (content, rhetorical elements, and timing). We will also continue to improve the trailers and associated documentaries to ensure the best product possible.

The above disclaimer is for users directed to this post from our RRT prototype for A Clear Channel or Still Searching, both of which are now available at Remixing Rural Texas: Local Texts, Global Contexts. The entire project is in the final phase. Right now, only rather minor issues remain so we continue to troubleshoot until we eradicate all the issues that remain. At the time of this writing (December 14, 2012), the semester is ending and the graduate assistants involved in the project have begun to head home for the winter break. We didn’t want to wait until the new year when we could be certain every single issue within the project had been resolved. Though minor issues still remain, we thought it better to launch the site now with a disclaimer.

We are eager to share. The project is very close to where we want it to be. We hope you will find it informative, entertaining, and useful. We certainly have.